Transmune® stops reinfection and protects against all IBD virus strains


Transmune® is an IBD immune complex vaccine consisting of the Winterfield 2512 strain linked to specific antibodies called Virus Protecting Immunoglobulins, to be administrated at the hatchery.

The product was developed in the early 2000´s, and quickly registered in many countries around the world.

Currently, the vaccine is marketed in over 75 countries worldwide.

How Immune Complex works

PEACE OF MIND of stopping the Gumboro Cycle

Strain isolation (%) between different vaccination programs in 4 years period (2013-2016), in 527 flocks.

Transmune® consistently blocks the bursa against others IBD strains.

CONSISTENCY of uniform titers

Mean titer of IBD in flocks vaccinated with Transmune®.
Total samples: 702 flocks.

Mean titer of IBD in flocks vaccinated with vaccines by DW.
Total samples: 336 flocks.

Mean titer of IBD in flocks vaccinated with rHVT-VP2.
Total samples: 134 flocks.

TRUST of high performance

UNIQUE benefits

Know perfectly well the potency of our vaccine


Since Transmune is registered in Europe a unique QC procedure had to be developed safeguarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

Every single production batch is thoroughly tested using a CID (Chick Infective Dose 50) test. This test is used with the final blended product to guarantee the potency and safety of the vaccine.


To monitor correct application of the vaccine, Ceva has developed and implemented since several years the CHICK program.


More recently Ceva has introduced the GPS-IBD services to screen IBD pressure on farms and to monitor the replication of Transmune in the bursa.

These service programs are services by our local and fully dedicated Vaccination Services Managers and Veterinary Services Experts.