Veterinary Services

Ceva is continuously researching the poultry market and defining new ways in which our vaccine solutions can better address changing market needs by improving disease control.

Veterinary Services

The key success factor for a profitable performance of the birds starts when the birds are delivered to the farms. Ceva’s Veterinary Services staff supports customers by monitoring the vaccination of Transmune and other vaccines and checking successful immunization of the birds.

This includes collecting blood samples to run end point serology analyses (eg, Elisa)and performance data, resulting in regular reporting to customers and updates on monitoring are part of this activity.

Ceva also runs epidemiological surveys to identify any change in the infective pressure in a timely manner; which also helps to substantiate the successful displacement of the field virus strain by the attenuated vaccine strain (eg, Gumboro disease).

Ceva remains at the customer’s disposal for any troubleshooting, diagnosis support (both locally by running necropsy, and by submitting carefullyselected samples to a trustful laboratory). In addition, Ceva’sSSIU (Scientific Support & Investigation Units) provide laboratory servicesin order to investigate epidemiology surveys, check vaccinationtake and to answer questions with respect to Ceva vaccines andpresence of new or variant virus strains.

All these data are eventually collected in a database per company to set up relevant baselines, and to help decision makers to implement appropriate changes, if needed.

Value added services, called GPS (Global Protection Services) include regular data sharing with customers and reports withan overview of disease situation, take of the vaccines or otherveterinary services.