Tools to stop the Gumboro cycle

Publication by Guillermo Gonzalez from Ceva Veterinary Services

 Carlos Gonzalez and Miren Arbe, from Ceva Vaccination Services & Equipment, Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva)

The poultry industry has faced enormous technological changes, one of them is the further introduction and expansion of in-ovo vaccination technology at the hatchery and the development of more vaccines that can be applied through the in-ovo route.

Egginject Dual Pressure System technology (Ecat-ID) is a clear example of how in-ovo technology can improve protection against different poultry diseases such as Marek’s disease, Gumboro disease, and Newcastle disease, etc. The Egginject patented Dual Pressure Injection System allows automatic and individual adaptation of the injection to each single chicken embryo, and therefore, a better vaccination can be achieved. This ensures a more accurate and safer vaccination process requiring less labour compared to drinking water in the farm or the subcutaneous vaccination route at hatch. Additionally, day old chick stress and processing time at hatch is greatly reduced allowing faster delivery at the farm and earlier access to feed.

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