Monitoring vaccination in the hatchery and farm

Monitoring vaccination in the hatchery and farm

Publication by Paola Cruz and Miren Arbe, Vaccination services and Equipment,

Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva)Publication

The trend in vaccination technology has lead to more vaccines being used in the hatchery. In order to have the full efficacy of these new technology vaccines like Transmune, a correct preparation, application with usage of accurate equipment is necessary. Follow up in the field in the replication of Transmune is needed to demonstrate the take of the vaccine.

The evolution of vaccine technology, especially for Gumboro disease protection, has given rise to a trend of more and more frequent vaccinations done at hatcheries to take advantage of a highly accurate massive vaccination process reducing field drinking water vaccination and possible limitations when vaccinating on the farm. Controlling and mastering hatchery vaccination is more achievable than dealing with hundreds of farms. However, it does not mean it is an easy task and the consequences of any mistake during the process might have a high impact on the production.

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