Effective Control of Gumboro Infection in the Broiler Industry

Effective Control of Gumboro Infection in the Broiler Industry

Jessica LEE, DVM, Asia Veterinary Services Manager – Poultry Ceva Animal Health Asia

3rd WVPA Asia Meeting 24 June 2016

Dramatic evolvement of the poultry industry in the past decades had increased the demand for higher volume, better meat quality and more competitive cost. With this demand, broilers are rearing in intensified and high concentration production system where the risk of contagious infectious diseases had increased.
Gumboro, also known as Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), was first discovered by Albert Cosgrove in early 1960’s from a clinical case in a farm located in the small town of Gumboro, Delaware, USA. IBD virus (IBDV) which is highly contagious and high resistance can caused acute and immunosuppression in young chicks (<2 weeks old), economical losses and possibly clinical disease and mortality in birds after 3 weeks of age.

However, after 50 years, despite stringent biosecurity and adapted vaccination program, Gumboro disease problem still widely present and rank among the top 5 infectious problem in almost all poultry producing countries creating worldwide concern.

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