CID50 – Specific Potency Test

A unique quality feature of the leading IBD immune-complex vaccines, Cevac Transmune®

Christophe Cazaban; Marco A. E. Lopes

Ceva Poultry Corporate, Libourne, France


To prevent Gumboro disease (or infectious bursal disease, IBD), immune-complex vaccine, Transmune®, is the best tool, since it induces a full ‘sterilizing’ immunity by « Stopping the Gumboro cycle ». As soon as the vaccine strain is released from the immune-complex, the birds are protected to any field IBD virus. As a result, it helps to control IBD on the long term, since there is no room for the field IBD virus to infect, replicate, and be shed in the environment.

Because Transmune quality control includes a CID50 test, the customer has the guarantee that the product in hands has been fully controlled, until the very last step, including after mixing of virus and antibodies and after freeze-drying process.

It is a more comprehensive, in-depth checking of the potency of the product to be used. It provides superior quality features to the product, and it does so batch after batch. On the long term, the customer can be assured that Transmune® purchased, no matter the batch number, or manufacturing date are, complies to the latest and the most stringent quality standards.

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