Product Information

Product Information

Transmune is suspension of a live attenuated Gumboro virus which is than mixed in with antiserum against IBD.  The suspension needs to be in well-defined proportions and in strict procedures with antisera prepared in SPF chickens in order to contain a  relevant balance between virus and antibodies. The vaccine virus is in this way covered and consequently protected from recognition by the immune system of the chickens by specific immunoglobulins (Virus Protecting Immunoglobulins, or VPI).

After injection VPI are stored in the same way as MDA are stored in dendritic cells. After decay of the MDA, the vaccine virus is released.

The take of Transmune (which is demonstrated by the replication of the vaccine virus in the bursa) occurs when the MDA level has reached a sufficient level that allows the vaccine virus to leave the immune complex and replicate in the Bursa of Fabricius.

The benefits of Transmune:

  • The quality and strength of the protection comes from replication of a complete intermediate plus type live IBD vaccine, resulting in full protection against clinical signs, complete resistance against infection, high reduction of shedding and no selection of farm IBDV population.
  • The vaccine adapts to the immune status of each individual chicken and replicates at the optimum time.
  • Due to the VPI the vaccine does not get neutralized by MDA allowing it to be applied in the presence of passive immunity.
  • The vaccine must be injected in the hatchery, improving reliability, quality and consistency of vaccine application compared to drinking water vaccination.
  • The vaccine fully colonizes the bursa, blocking the entry of field IBD viruses.

The safety of Immune complex vaccine is similar to the safety of intermediate plus type Gumboro vaccines, with the additional advantage that every individual chicken is immunized with the same, well controlled dose of vaccine.


When considering the various elements of efficacy of Gumboro vaccines and the capacity to not only protect against clinical signs, but also to control Gumboro disease, immune complex Gumboro vaccines are very attractive compared to other vaccines. Provided passive immunity is adapted to challenging farm Gumboro virus and cleaning and disinfection procedures have been well respected, active immunity can be induced before challenge occurs and will successfully resist whatever level of Gumboro challenge is.

Chickens will be highly resistant to infection and consequently highly resistant to replication and shedding of the challenge virus. As a result, cycle after cycle, virus pressure will decrease, and no selection pressure on the farm is induced.


Transmune was entered the market in the 90´s, after which Transmune was registered in many countries in Asia, Latin America and later in Europe. Currently Transmune is marketed in over 75 countries worldwide.

Transmune has been used in over 53 Billion broilers worldwide since 2006.

Transmune is registered under Cevac Transmune or Cevac Transmune IBD in several countries, please check local registration authorization

Unique Features

  • CID 50 test: Since Transmune is registered in Europe a unique QC procedure had to be developed safeguarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. Every single production batch is thoroughly tested using a CID (Chick Infective Dose 50) test. This test is used with live birds and with the final blended product to guarantee the potency and safety of the vaccine.
  • Formulation: as the formulation between attenuated vaccine virus and specific antibodies needs to be extensively tested, to have the optimum balance for the safety and efficacy of Transmune, more than 100 different formulations were tested before introduction on the market.  
  • CHICK program and GPS-IBD program services: To monitor correct application of the vaccine, Ceva has developed and implemented since several years the CHICK program. More recently Ceva has introduced the GPS-IBD services to screen IBD pressure on farms and to monitor the replication of Transmune in the bursa. These service programs are services by our local and fully dedicated Vaccination Services Managers and Veterinary Services Experts.
  • Publications and Studies: Transmune is widely used and since its introduction over 53 billion broilers have been vaccinated with Transmune.  Several scientific papers and publications are available demonstrating the efficacy, safety and compatibility of Transmune.